Monday, July 16, 2012

Bolivia Day 1

The point of this blog is for Rachel and I to post everyday so you feel like you are on the trip with here we go. Day 1 in Bolivia is under our belts. The majority of our time so far has been spent in the guesthouse (pictured). Me and Rachel got to the guest house yesterday at 11 am on Saturday and slept until 7:30pm, ate dinner and went back to sleep until 10:30 this morning. There are two other volunteers that also just arrived - one is in P.A. school in New Hampshire and one is Pre-Med at Texas University. There are 10 other volunteers (I think, I'm still not sure if I've seen everyone) some have been here a few months and some have been here a few days. One of my favorite things about missions is all the different people you get to meet. All the volunteers are from different schools and different parts of the country. I love hearing all their stories and how they ended up here in Bolivia. Today we did orientation and got a tour of the hospital which is like steps away from the guest house. It was very clean and a lot more modern than I was expecting. This afternoon me and two other volunteers (Rachel went in a different group) went to a place called Casa de Amistad. It's for children whose parents are in prison. In Bolivia, the parent is in prison, the children have to be in prison with them. Casa de Amistad is a daycare for the children during the day so they can go to school and then they return the children to the prison after school. We worked in the Kindergarten class and they were like any kindergarten kids - lots of energy!! My favorite part of today was riding on the trufis (15 passenger vans). They are the exact same vans I rode in Swaziland. We had to take 3 different ones to get to Casa de Amistad. I loved being with the locals and soaking in all the scenery. I forgot how much I love to be out of the country. Dinner is almost ready and we have dinner all together in the guest house. ~Becca

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